Apple Music vs. Spotify: The best music streaming service for you

Apple Music vs. Spotify: The best music streaming service for you

Apple Music vs. Spotify
Stats Between 2014-2020
Winner Is Spotify

Apple Music: 

Apple Music and Spotify are the two biggest names in music streaming. But with similar catalogs and the same monthly subscription fees ($ 9.99, £ 9.99, or AU $ 11.99), it can be difficult to determine which option is best for you. Part of your choice depends on where you're listening to - so determining which one offers the best smart speaker support if you're listening to music at home is critical. But other factors such as music discovery and the quality of the stream can be just as important (if not more) for avid music fans. This comparison is updated periodically with new information.

Spotify Music:

Spotify is the most flexible option if you want to stream songs without paying because it has a free and ad-supported tier. You can use Spotify on various devices, from smart speakers to game consoles to phones. There is also a robust podcast offering, including exclusives.

Price and subscription options

Spotify and Apple Music both offer a three-month free * trial period for their premium services, which normally cost $ 9.99, £ 9.99, or AU $ 11.99 per month. It costs $ 4.99 for students or $ 14.99 for family plans. With the premium version, you can stream any song from the catalog on-demand, and listen to songs offline.

Spotify also offers a Premium Duo subscription for two users who live at the same address for $ 12.99 (£ 12.99, AU $ 15.99). And if you're a student, you'll have access to Hulu and Showtime (ad-supported) as part of your Premium membership.

Spotify is also the only one of the two music services with a free and ad-supported tier, so even if you don't want to pay for the premium version, you can still listen. The caveat (aside from interruptions) is that many albums and playlists require you to listen in shuffle mode rather than sequential play and there is a limit of six skips per hour.

Apple Music only allows free users to stream Beats1 Radio, or you can listen to songs from your iTunes library.

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