Whatsapp Latest Update | ‘Delete for everyone’ Feature

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‘Delete for everyone’ Feature :

Whatsapp Latest Update | ‘Delete for everyone’ Feature –

Let’s send your boss to Whatsapp message that you want to send to your girlfriend. It’s not enough to take it back!
But now it is possible. In the last few months, we have been saying “Whatsapp” is going to be able to withdraw the sent messages. This has been possible for some time. Whatsapp has recently made this facility available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users.
This facility is called “Delete for Everyone”. It works for all kinds of messages like text, video, gif, voice, stickers, contact cards, file, location, and quoted messages. Let’s say that you have sent a message to an alert message. When you want to withdraw it through the Delete for Everyone option, Whatsapp sends the same message ID, a blank, fake message to the other person.
That blank message will be replaced by the wrong message that you sent in the database on the phone’s phone. Keep in mind that this Delete for Everyone is available only for 7 minutes to send the message away.

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